“Behind ever brand there is a passion and a story.

Well, this is my story.

But who am I?”


Hey there, welcome to my blog! I have no idea how you made it here but I’m glad you did!

Let me quickly introduce myself so you know who you are putting up with:

My name is Jeannine and whilst writing this, I am at the tender age of 18, sitting in my tiny apartment in Hamburg, living the modest life of a broke student (not complaining though).

I am actually pretty mediocre, despite the fact that I have no idea what my talents are and what my purpose in life is, so I just do anything that comes to my mind – which somehow is a lot but also nothing at all.


One thing that is for sure though is that – whether in form of writing or through photo and videography – I have always loved to create things. So I made precisely that my job. However, I figured there was a tiny problem: Since I had no academic degree in that field whatsoever, there was no chance a company would just hire me like that.

But as I said, that problem was only minor. I just hired myself. 

And here I am, freelancing, being my own boss, fighting my own battles.

Frankly though, it sounds more romantic than it really is because getting jobs as an amateur  in such an oversaturated field is not exactly the easiest thing in world. But I still get to do what I love and even though it is obviously not enough to make a living yet, I am proud of how far I have come until now.

I just happen to have mainly created content for food brands so far (which, again, I am not complaining about), but I also got to work with a variety of beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. Head over to “My Work“ to get some more information on that.


The little time I have left between studying, working a part-time job, freelancing and charging my batteries is spent on reading, writing, having solitary karaoke sessions in my apartment and another very dear hobby of mine: dancing.

Dancing has actually been my number one career plan throughout middle school and I also felt like I had quite a talent for it. However, my insecurities once more got the best of me and using school work as another excuse to cover up my lack of self-esteem, I eventually gave up on it. Looking back, I have never regretted anything more in my entire life. But that just gave me one more reason to stop letting my self-doubts incapacitate me today and finally do the things I love, even when I know I will not necessarily excel at them.

In consequence, I made a promise to myself: No matter what the future might have in hold for me, I wanted to live life to its fullest. I promised to always choose my passion over my work life, my happiness over my career. So when I decided to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life, moving from Southern Germany to Hamburg in September / October 2021, the first thing I did was to sign up for dancing lessons and I pretty much centered everything else around those. Yes, I even declined some jobs that were a lot better than the one I am currently putting up with – but still, I haven’t felt this much at peace in years because it just feels like I am doing the right thing for once. I know it is too late to make dancing a career now, I would have had to start way earlier for that, but that one dancing class I have each week never fails to be the merriest hour of it, which is why I do not plan on giving up this time.


Reading through the previous paragraph might have arisen yet another question that I gladly want to answer: Apparently I have been living in Germany for my entire life so why on earth would I write in a language other than my mother tongue? 

Simple. Because I love English. 

I am very well aware of the fact that my vocabulary is quite limited and that my texts are probably littered with punctuation and grammar mistakes, but I love how – despite the many mistakes I still make – people all around the world are able to understand me. Breaking this language barrier has enabled me to establish some amazing rapports with various people on social media already and I would love to keep that up!

I am always striving for advancement though so in case there is anything about my writing style that you consider improvable, feel free to reach out to me anytime, I am thankful for every constructive criticism I can gather along the way!


With that being said, I guess you now have somewhat of an idea about the kind of person I am and maybe I could even spark a little bit of interested in you. If so, take your time to further explore my website or head over to my Instagram account (@jeanninefleur) – as for now, you will probably find a little more content on that 😉

I hope we will read of each other again! 

xx Jeannine